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Introducing Oco Crew: A new climate nonprofit making it easy to fund real climate projects.

Today, we could not be more excited to introduce you to a brand new climate nonprofit, Oco Crew. Our mission as a nonprofit is to make it easier for people to learn about and support real impactful climate projects. We are community-driven and would love you to join. For our first climate donation, we are supporting the restoration and preservation of mangroves in Myanmar, Indonesia and Kenya.

Restoring mangroves is an impactful way of coastal wetland. Project Drawdown estimates we can reduce 0.76 to 1 gigaton of CO2 from that atmosphere by restoring coastal wetlands:

"Unlike most terrestrial ecosystems, coastal wetlands—salt marshes, mangroves, and seagrasses—can continue sequestering carbon for centuries without becoming saturated. In fact, coastal wetlands can store five times as much carbon as tropical forests over the long term, mostly in deep wetland soils. As a result, they have accumulated vast stores of carbon, making their greenhouse gas mitigation potential high despite their small area. Coastal wetlands also provide important ecosystem services."

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Impact Update

165,778 lbs of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere in November.

Equivalent to

32,256 homes’ electricity usage for one year.
383,809 barrels of oil consumed.
18,653,876 gallons of gasoline consumed.
20,165,552,975 smartphones charged.

All time
4,007,778 total lbs of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere all time.
A mangrove in Kenya
Photography: Timothy K

Our Research Committee launches our new climate donation approach.

Led by our research committee advisors with backgrounds in tech, consulting, nonprofit climate work and environmental science, we created a climate donation approach that focuses on climate projects that are backed by research, that are certified based on international standards and that we can fund as directly as possible. Learn more here
September 2022

We rethink every aspect of climate action and how we operate.

With a new expanded core team and advisor, dozens and dozens of creative and innovative new ideas surfaced on how we can better take climate action. This thrilling energy required us to deeply rethink our own approach to climate donations and climate action across the internet. These new ideas are our springboard into more impactful climate action and will be our roadmap as we move forward!

We establish our board of directors and core team.

JuLY 2022

Oco Crew Inc. forms as a nonprofit!


We evolved the Oco Crew concept for over a year.

Oco Crew began as a simple website making it just a few clicks to give money to impactful climate projects. The project was based on the same core idea that it is too hard for people to donate to impactful climate projects. As the project constantly evolved, we found a real need for a nonprofit that helps anyone learn about real climate projects and let people donate to those projects and make a contribution themselves. Even before becoming a nonprofit, we helped reduce over 3.6 million lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere.