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We find impactful climate projects so you don’t have to.

All over the globe, amazing climate projects are helping restore our natural world. You don’t hear about them because they invest in doing the work, not marketing it. Plus, you’re busy. 

Oco Crew is a 100% volunteer-run grassroots nonprofit that makes it easy for you to support these impactful climate projects with just a few clicks. We do all the work of finding, vetting, and donating for you. But, really, this work is for all of us. 

By giving together, we can maximize our impact.
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Our Approach
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Support real projects. Make a real difference.

With contributions to organizations like SeaTrees, Oco Crew donors are helping mangrove forests in Indonesia. Each dollar plants a tree, which can sequester up to 680 lbs of carbon during its lifetime. The project also provides habitat for threatened species as well as economic opportunities for local residents. See our latest project updates

Mangrove conservation in Indonesia

Last Quarter’s Impact

224k lbs

of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere

Impact All Time

6.5M lbs

of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere

Support projects reducing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Reduce the 4.9 tons of CO2 equivalent to the emissions of average person on earth for $5/month. Or reduce the 14.9 tons of CO2 equivalent to the emissions of average American. Not because we have to, because we can (Source).

World Donor

Reduce the CO2 emissions of the average person.



Impact Donor

Reduce the CO2 emissions of the average American.



Custom Donation

Donate to impactful climate projects quarterly.

Any amount


Why we do it.

We wanted to take meaningful action against climate change and didn’t know where to start. From researching nonprofits to remembering to donate, it was too hard. We founded Oco Crew to make it easy for anyone to address climate change.

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