Climate change is a defining challenge of our lifetime.

Our society isn’t sustainable right now. We need to find new ways to operate. We all can play a role in tackling climate change. And when we take action together, we have an even greater impact than alone. That said, studies show lots of people do not know how to take action. As a crew, we want to make it easy for everyone to take impactful action in everyday life.

We are figuring out how to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere together.

CO2 is in our name. Oco Crew is a grassroots nonprofit supporting impactful climate projects by reducing CO2 from the atmosphere. Not out of fear. Out of hope. Not because it’s our fault. Because it’s our future.

We are a grassroots group with diverse backgrounds.

We as a community are looking to bring new ideas to the climate space from countries all over the globe and from a diverse array of professional backgrounds from tech, design, clinical psychology, data, and marketing. Meet some of the crew:

Ben Sterne, Founder
Vincent Brock, Vice President
Paul Sterne, Treasurer

Board Members
Stephanie Brennan, Board Member
Manuel Castro, Board Member
Tiana Mascagno, Board Member
Jonas Brock, Board Member

Adam Rosenkranz, Strategy Advisor
Dani Sclafani, Research Advisor
Dylan Glave, Research Advisor
Jeff Neiman, Research Adviso

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