Our focus is on climate impact.

Impact All-Time

6.5M lbs

of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere

% of Donations to Projects


after 11% for credit card and operating costs.

Money Paid to Team


Oco Crew is proudly 100% volunteer operated.

Our approach ensures we fund real and impactful climate projects.

Every quarter, Oco Crew allocates donations to a select group of amazing initiatives all over the world and shares updates with everybody in our newsletter. We also source new initiatives from our online community.

  1. We fund the most substantive solutions based on research by leading climate experts. Our main guide to solution research is Project Drawdown, a climate research organization that has worked with hundreds of experts to create a comprehensive plan of existing climate solutions. Learn About Project Drawdown
  2. We fund projects certified by top international environmental standards. Top international standards like Verified Carbon Standard by Verra and Gold Standard ensure measurement of CO2 emissions from the carbon cycle and impactful outcomes from projects. We only fund projects that meet these top international standards. Learn About Verified Carbon Standard
  3. We fund as directly as possible. When vetting projects, we look to give as directly to the climate work with the fewest possible intermediaries.
  4. We encourage ongoing community feedback. We encourage all supporters to provide feedback on the projects we fund. Thus far, on average 5% of donations go towards operating costs thanks to automated processes and awesome voluntary support.

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